Phone Photos

When you see Josie in her little bed all sweet and asleep with her Bible that she has been reading before she drifted peacefully off into dreamland you can almost make out the halo that must be above her little soft brown locks. Don't let that sweet look fool you. My iTunes is currently playing a Elvis tune from 1963 that is closer to the truth- (You're The) Devil In Disguise.

Lucy. I don't get many photos of Lucy and I kind of liked this one. You may be wondering who Lucy is and thinking this looks remarkable like Jamie. It is Jamie I just call her Lucy because sometimes it is nice to have a kids name that doesn't start with J and for whatever reason Lucy just works for me for Jamie.

This is not the greatest picture of Jalen but it really captures him. Jalen does everything at 110% and that even includes eating grits at Cracker Barrel in Arkadelphia, AR after HU beat Henderson in football a couple of weeks ago.

I never know what Josie will be up to when I get home from work. Thursday when I drove up the boys were playing basketball and Josie wearing a pink tutu and dark blue tights and pink tennis shoes was sitting in the middle of her hula hoop meditating. Where do 4 yr olds learn to meditate?
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