Fall Colors, Finally

 I have always thought this must be the most glorious time of the year to be a bird.  Two weeks ago I would have told you we just didn't have a good fall and then the week that school got out for Thanksgiving break the colors exploded.

I hope you will stop and enjoy the world around you.  God makes it beautiful everyday.


Watercolor painting

I have always admired artist and especially painters.  My efforts to become a painter started this fall with an art show in the Harding University Stevens Art Gallery.  The art department did a show from their summer International Programs travels around Europe.  The works hung on the walls were good but I was captivated by their travel journals. One of the girls ( I can't remember her name) had a watercolor journal that was absolutely stunningly beautiful. I went to the gallery several times just to flip through her journal.  I was inspired by that travel journal to try water colors myself. I started watching YouTube videos of simple paintings all the time. 

I got a Windsor- Newton watercolor kit and a 12x18 Canson watercolor pad  for my birthday.  I cut the paper into 6x9 and 4.5x6 size pieces and started copying those YouTube artist.  I am having so much fun.   I have tried painting some of my own photos with limited success. I found the Waterlogue app that turns my photos into watercolor looking paintings. Seeing my photos as a painting is super helpful as I am learning to see as a painter. I always thought I could see things pretty well as a photographer, but seeing as a painter is seeing on a different level. 
Photo of my front yard taken with my iPhone 6s Plus.

My photo after putting it in the Waterlogue App. 

My painting.

I still have a long way to go in learning to be a painter.  I am having and that was the goal.

Winter Watercolor

This is my favorite painting so far. It is a copy of a painting  by Geoff Kersey that I found online.  I love landscapes but the real reason I was drawn to this image was it was all done in blue and mixing colors is hard. It lets me practice techniques without the worry of mixing colors. 

Fall came late

I saw these two trees as I was leaving the football stadium after shooting our first NCAA football playoff game in school history. We are on Thanksgiving break and the colors are just starting to show. IThe old saying  "better late than never" comes to mind. 

My prayer is that everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving break and Go Bisons.


Pansy Season

One of the few good things about going off daylight savings time is the beginning of pansy season.


Color is hard to come by this fall

 Fall colors are not peaking in Searcy this year.  I am hoping it is just still early.

These photos were shot on a Nikon D750 with a mf Vivitar Series 1  85mm F1.8 lens that was given to me by my former boss David Crouch.  I have never used a lens like this with stop down apertures but I am slowly making friends with it.


Uncle Linwood

My Uncle Linwood has been gone for a few years but I had this sighting of him at the Searcy softball fields.  This guy definitely came out of the Uncle Linwood mold.

Same Team

I finally have Jalen and Jackson on the same football team.  I have loved Jr.High football with Jalen but he has now moved up and I am super excited.  I love football, but I love these two way more.
This photo was taken at Episcopal in Little Rock and yes that is the Arkansas State Capitol building in the back.


Inspiration vs Copying

 I had the privilege to photograph Peyton and Weston's wedding a couple of weeks ago at Camp Tahkodah.  It was a wonderful day and the photos were so easy with such a beautiful couple.  The photo above just happened.  The ring bearer just walked up and sat on the bench as I was lining up the shot of the bride and groom and it immediately made me think of the photo below by the great photographer Elliott Erwitt.
I didn't set it up to knock off the Erwitt photo it just happened.  The best way to become a better photographer is to take lots of pictures and to look at lots of pictures. Everytime I spend time looking at photos I am charging up my creative batteries.  The better info I put into my photographic brain the better I see and the better my photos become.

Don't try to be some other photographer by copying everything they do, learn from them and be inspired  and when the moment presents itself you will recognize it and make your own image.



I have so many things to blog but they all need time to tell the stories that go with the photos and that time is not here yet.

Side note- today I enjoyed eating  lunch with Noah Darnell. He always ends his blog posts with two words and they are appropriate for this post.

Stay Tuned.