My blog has moved

I have neglected this blog for far too long.  I  haven't stopped taking photos or posting but technology has changed for me.  Instagram will post straight to Tumblr and so I started a Tumbler.  I don't want to go away from blogger as we are old friends but the sad truth is I haven't posted here since March.
I have posted 156 photos since January of 2014 on Tumblr.  Please reset the link to my blog to the link below and thanks for stopping by and looking at the photos.



3-11-2014 Eagle

I have driven by the water treatment many times and today I finally saw an eagle.

Blog Note- I have not forgotten how to blog and I have some really good things to share that have happened in the past month.  So as my good friend, Noah Darnell, says……stay tuned.


2-16-2014 Seeing HUG

HUG is how we at Harding University refer to our campus in Porto Rafti, Greece.
This is the Artemis Hotel which will be my home for the next few days as I travel around Greece with Jenna and her friends.
Jenna and I took a quick trip to the beach between classes this morning.
 Church in Athens tonight with a group of students from Greater Atlanta Christian School.  I was pleasantly surprised to see my friends Gary and Mandy Richie.
 Sunday night at HUG is Pizza Night.
Still up at 1AM.

2-15-2014 Airplane Windows

I confess I often blow right past the obligatory airplane window photos that I see on Instagram, FB or Twitter.  Today, I have a new perspective.

 After spending long delay hours in the LIT airport and about 9 hours in a plane heading to London, I was excited to wake up over England and to see such a beautiful sight.  Don't hear me complaining about the privilege of being able to travel, just understand that there is shortage of beauty inside an airliner.
This photo was taken as we circled over London waiting for our turn to land.  I processed it dark on purpose to look like my view the night before with the full moon shinning down over the low cloud deck.  It was absolutely beautiful and way too dark to get a photo.


3A District Basketball Champs

Jackson and the Harding Academy Jr High Wildcats are the 3A District Champs in basketball.


2-7-2014 It snowed tonight

I really enjoyed watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics. After they were over I stepped out on the porch and everything was covered in snow.

I decided to go walk the campus because I knew it would be beautiful and I was not disappointed. All photos taken with Fuji X100s and processed with Snapseed on my iPad.


2-5-2014 iPhone Bird Photography

Walking out of my building today I saw this bird sitting on the ledge outside the mirrored window.  I was less than a foot from the bird and he had no idea I was even around.  Lightly tapping on the window and he even looked in my direction.


2-2-2014 Jail BBQ Jennings Osborne Style

For the last several years, on Super Bowl Sunday, we have been able to provide pizzas for the inmates at the White Co. Jail. Last year the pizzas were terrible and I decided we were doing something different. I looked at a few options, but when I got a great price from Whistle Stop BBQ in Searcy it was decided. We were having BBQ.

I set up my BBQ line just like Jennings Osborne would have done it.
First- carry out boxes got a bun
Second- pulled pork was put on the open bun
Third- sauce was added to the pork
Fourth- slaw
Fifth- BBQ beans
Sixth- spork, bag of chips and two peppermints

I had a great group of jail volunteers who helped put all of these trays together and pass them out across the jail. I had not given any hints at the jail about what we were having only that it was a surprise and that it would be good. Everyone I saw was happy.

I had a real mix of emotions doing this BBQ. I was happy we were doing it for the inmates. I was thankful for all those years of Osborne BBQ experience so I knew how to set everything up. It wasn't the same without JO, Mitzi, Breezy and the gang pushing those boxes down the line. It was hard to take photos because I was responsible for logistics of supplying the food line and getting the food delivered. After all the inmates were fed, we packaged up all the leftovers for the guards to have later tonight.

It was really fun and I truly am thankful for all of my friends that came to help. I couldn't have done it without you.

Most of all, To a God be the glory for everything that happened tonight.