Vivian Maier Project

I do the homework I make my class do for the most part. I only posted 400 but made them post 600.  I upload  some  school work and some personal photos to show them the kind of things that I am looking for and to give them ideas of things to shoot. The idea is based on the Finding Vivian Maier documentary on how she went everywhere with her camera and how she just shot the things that are around her.



 I like shooting weddings.  I really liked shooting for these two couples because they were so laid back.  Here is to Happily Ever After to Kaleb and Alissa and Bob and Eddy.


Christmas Eve-Day Candids

 We got to be cat keepers for the neighbors for a couple of days.

I took this self-portrait when I was taking photos of the cat.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Fall Watercolor

 This a fall colors painting based on a photo I liked from the @usinterior Instagram. I havent been painting long and I like simple shapes and  non complicated colors.  My painting is super simplistic but it is a step in the right direction. It is one more painting under my belt. I am one painting better than I was yesterday.


Winter Watercolors

I painted this by following a tutorial by Ekaterina Smirnova that I found on YouTube.  

I love painting. I like this painting  and I really like the way the sky turned out. That sky is what I call a happy accident. I couldn't reproduce that look to save my life. 

I heard my friend an master watercolor painter, Tim Hacker,  tell someone who asked that it took him 50 years and 6 hours to paint his Christmas card for this year. .I doubt I have 50 years left to watercolor but I sure am looking forward to Christmas break and some more hours of painting. 


Country Living used my photo

My friend Shelia over at the Harding School of Theology sent me an email telling me that one of my photos made it into a post on the  Country Living webpage.  You have to scroll about halfway down and there it is.  The credit for the original art work goes to someone over at Brackett Library.

Texting with Jackson

Texting with Jackson.


Fall Colors, Finally

 I have always thought this must be the most glorious time of the year to be a bird.  Two weeks ago I would have told you we just didn't have a good fall and then the week that school got out for Thanksgiving break the colors exploded.

I hope you will stop and enjoy the world around you.  God makes it beautiful everyday.


Watercolor painting

I have always admired artist and especially painters.  My efforts to become a painter started this fall with an art show in the Harding University Stevens Art Gallery.  The art department did a show from their summer International Programs travels around Europe.  The works hung on the walls were good but I was captivated by their travel journals. One of the girls ( I can't remember her name) had a watercolor journal that was absolutely stunningly beautiful. I went to the gallery several times just to flip through her journal.  I was inspired by that travel journal to try water colors myself. I started watching YouTube videos of simple paintings all the time. 

I got a Windsor- Newton watercolor kit and a 12x18 Canson watercolor pad  for my birthday.  I cut the paper into 6x9 and 4.5x6 size pieces and started copying those YouTube artist.  I am having so much fun.   I have tried painting some of my own photos with limited success. I found the Waterlogue app that turns my photos into watercolor looking paintings. Seeing my photos as a painting is super helpful as I am learning to see as a painter. I always thought I could see things pretty well as a photographer, but seeing as a painter is seeing on a different level. 
Photo of my front yard taken with my iPhone 6s Plus.

My photo after putting it in the Waterlogue App. 

My painting.

I still have a long way to go in learning to be a painter.  I am having fun and that was the goal.

Winter Watercolor

This is my favorite painting so far. It is a copy of a painting  by Geoff Kersey that I found online.  I love landscapes but the real reason I was drawn to this image was it was all done in blue and mixing colors is hard. It lets me practice techniques without the worry of mixing colors.