71/365 Baseball


I like baseball games that happen during the week, its a license to get out of the office.  Baseball is hard to shoot in my opinion because you never know where the ball is going.  I just finished basketball season and basketball is predictable.  The ball is always hopefully ending up in the goal.  I caught the second baseman fielding the ball and it was in focus.  I often get there with the framing but the focus doesn't always catch up so fast.  I use the original Nikon 80-400 VR lens to shoot baseball.  I have a telephoto vision so that lens works well.  I should say it works well on a full frame camera it is moderate lens on a crop sensor body.  Nikon has just released an updated 80-400 lens with the new VR technology and the fast autofocus motors in the lens.  Its the perfect lens except for one thing.  It costs $2700.  That is a $1000 more than we paid for the lens we have.  For the time being I better just be quicker on the focus trigger.
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