70/365 Roadside Landscapes

I drove was driving on Hwy 64 between Wynne and Bald Knob and I stopped to shoot this swampy looking area.  I was drawn to the warm tones of the grass and the reflections.

This is my favorite image of the day and as luck would have it I took it with my iPhone.  I also used a Nikon and a Hasselblad Xpan but without seeing the film yet this is my favorite photo.  Some tools just work well and although I had a bag full of Nikons and they are great sometimes the iPhone is just the better tool.

Here are a few Nikon photos as well and they aren't bad either.

I stopped to take photos of an old building and I didn't find anything that I liked but I caught a Walmart truck driving into the sunset that I thought was pretty cool.

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