The Biggest Fish

Josie's Girl scout troop hosted a fishing derby at the Searcy Lake. Josie and I went early Saturday morning and met the other girls and dads and we got started about 9:15.

About 30 minutes into re fishing Josie caught this 14" Bowfin fish also known as a grinnel. This turned out to be the biggest fish of the day for the entire derby all age groups included. We also caught a bunch of small bream.

We started catching these little fish just as the derby was ending.

So we took a break and went and Josie got her trophy.

I remember fishing in a scout derby when I was in scouts and I almost won a trophy for the smallest fish. Unfortunately I had the 2nd smallest fish and there was no trophy for that.

Josie and I continued to fish most of the afternoon. It was hot but we were having fun and I must admit I was really enjoying the one on one time with my baby girl. Thankfully about three the snow cone truck drove by the lake and boy did those cold snow cones hit the spot.

Finally we got tired of feeding the crickets to the fish on hooks so we just threw them in and watched the feeding frenzy of little bream attack the last few crickets we had. That reminds me of another childhood fishing memory. We would go eat fish at the Hungry Fisherman in Memphis. They had a big pond out back and when you were done eating they would give you hush puppies to feed to the fish. I loved leaning over the edge of the dock and throwing int hushpuppy and watching those monster catfish come up and take the whole thing in one gulp. Hushpuppies were way more humane than crickets but Josie didn't seem to mind and we really did have a fun day just the two of us.

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