Jackson's Birthday

Jackson is 12 and he and I took a road trip to LR to the Arkansas Heritage Museum to check things out.

There was a really cool display about the Civil War in Arkansas and how it compared to the Hollywood portrayal in Gone with the Wind. Jackson is standing by a map that showed the slavery distribution in AR by counties. In 1860, White county had about 6000 people and 299 slaves. The state had a population of just over 100,000 with about 11,000 slaves.

The AR map twister game was a big hit for the kid we call map boy.

There were other cool things like telescopes. Jackson was checking out the First Security Building.

Jackson spent some of his birthday money in the gift shop and bought a Jeopardy book of AR history. Any guesses what I did on the drive home.

Jackson thought the museum was awesome. I thought spending the afternoon with my son was awesome.
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