Photos from Today

After my previous post, about high minded use of RF film cameras to brush up on my photography skills, I left the camera at my office yesterday.  So today I pulled out my original digital slr the Nikon D1X and  turned it to b&w and mounted my 35 F2 lens and got busy taking photos.

The card game of the weekend has been UNO.
We had friends over this afternoon and they got in on the action as well.
Jenna and Facebook on the phone.
Jenna also in the card game action.

Tonight we went to Jackson's baseball game.  This is Cade the catcher who by the way has a brother named Catcher.
Jalen is our kid with the most nicknames.  We call him Boo, Boo Dog, and many other things but when we are at Jackson ball game Jalen becomes Batman because be he is the batboy.
Coach Craig gets animated between innings.

The last at bat pep talk.

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