I don't think it is fair for it to snow during Spring Break. I am home today with the kids and we got about 1.5 inches of snow last night. Jalen, Jackson, Josie and Jamie went out and played for a bit while while I made breakfast. I made grits and hot chocolate to warm them up. Instead of using the hot chocolate mix from the store I made the recipe off the side of the Hersheys Coco Box. I remember my dad would make hot chocolate that way sometimes. Made with coco, sugar, milk and real vanilla is just a ton better than a powdered mix from Carnation. Dad would also collect fresh snow and mix in sugar and vanilla and make snow cream. I need to find out the recipe for that. We need a lot more snow to make snow cream. After breakfast, we went out and made a small snowman in the back yard. You would think that as a photographer I would have cameras with me. All of my cameras were at the office except my 1950s Kodak Signet 35 that is loaded with B&W film and of course my trusty cell phone camera.
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