Super Tuesday

Last Tuesday the Country divided democrats and republicans and voted and then watched CNN or Fox respectively as election returns came in from the Presidential Primaries in 17 states. Well in the Montgomery family we celebrated Super Tuesday for a much more important reason than who is going to run our country for four years. We were celebrating Jamie's 10th birthday. I can't believe Lucy is 10. I call Jamie-Lucy. I don't know why that name stuck with me for her. I am the only one who calls her that. Anyway, I got to eat lunch with her and she wanted Taco Bell. I left the office and arrived at Taco Bell to find it closed for remodeling. I got Snack Wraps @ McDonald's and made it to school for lunch. When we sat down at the table the entire lunch room sang Happy Birthday to her which was slightly mbarrassing to Jamie. After lunch we headed out to the playground and played 4 square for the entire time. We ate supper at Pizza Pro and she opened her presents and we ate cake. It was a Super Tuesday and when I got home late Tuesday night I joined the rest of the country watching Fox to check on the election returns.
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