1-31-2014 It's who you know

As a photographer, who you know can make all the difference in getting a photo or even recognizing that something is a significant photo. As a University Photographer knowing your people is even a bigger advantage.

The man on the left is Dr. David Collins, the Executive VP of Harding University, and the the man on the right is retired men's basketball coach Jess Bucy. I remember David playing for Coach Bucy. Last night, I spied them enjoying a moment together watching pre-game warm-ups. I consider both of these guys to be my friends. But as a University Photographer, I captured two historically significant members of the Harding community together in a meaningful photo.

I'm not doing anything more than my job as a university photographer. I do believe it's an important job and it surely is a job I love.

I also saw my friend Ben Buterbaugh. I have known Ben since the day he was born. My office is next door to Ben's Dads office. Tom Buterbaugh and I have worked together in Harding's PR Office since 1991.

I love being able to share these photos with my friends.
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