172/365 Luck was with me

Luck plays a significant part in photography whether we like to admit it or not.  Three elements are happening here and only one of them involves luck.

The beautiful flower is no accident.  My friends Ralph and Louella and others work hard to make the Harding campus beautiful so the flower is due to my friends hard work.

The bee being at the flower is no accident.  During the summer you can always find bees buzzing around whatever is blooming at that moment.  You have to be patient and work with the bee as he decides which bloom to visit and how long the visit will last.

The lucky third element in the photo is focus.  I love my iPhone and the Hipstamatic app but close focusing is not always its strong suit.  But today luck was with me and the camera nailed the focus on the bee on the beautiful bloom.  I love being lucky.
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