127/365 Equal Access Clouds

 Leica M8  35mm F1.4

Leica's are for journalism and street shooting and people photos.  Those are not the primary area I like to work in my personal photography.  I like to shoot clouds and flowers and landscapes and my kids.  My time with the Leica M8 is stretching me and I am stretching it to fit my shooting.  Close focus is not a priority of the Leica and I have struggled to get flowers to work.  The iPhone 5 focuses close effortlessly so I stretch to make meaningful images with the .7 meter close focusing.  

The clouds were easy.  I have always loved clouds and after reading about Stieglitz shooting clouds to silence critics that said his photography was good only because he had privileged access to people and places I love the idea even more.  Stieglitz chose clouds because everyone had equal access.

My friend Jennings Osborne had equal access idea down pat as well.  JO would go places and serve gigantic bbq platters to everyone for free.  He believed that everyone liked bbq and everyone liked fireworks.  He was known for his firework shows as well as his bbq.  Fireworks and clouds are both equal access no privilege required.

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