79/365 Three Presidents and two photographers


Dr. Clifton L. Ganus,  Dr. Bruce McLarty, and Dr. David B. Burks

Its a historic moment at Harding University.  We are in the process of transitioning from the fourth president to the 5th.  Harding has been an institution of higher learning for 89 years and we have only had 4 presidents.  As the University Photographer, taking this photo of the three presidents is a given.   The outside photos were much better but those are still being held for upcoming publications.

This photo of me shooting the three presidents was taken by my student photographer, Ashel Parsons, using her iPhone 5.  

I always love seeing photos of me working and finding the photo that I was taking at the same moment.

I brought Ashel along to assist on this shoot because having an extra set of hands and eyes is always a good idea.  As you can see, I was using a 7ft parabolic umbrella to light these photos.  Ashel was in charge of hanging on to that light and giant umbrella when we went outside into the wind, not just any wind, National Weather Service wind advisory winds.  She did a great job assisting and I am thankful that she took this photo of me shooting the presidents 

Dr. David B. Burks, Dr. Clifton l. Ganus and Dr. George S. Benson

 We have similar photos from when Dr. Burks became president in 1987.  Then it was Dr. Burks, Dr. Ganus and Dr. Benson out in front of the Administration building.  Those photos were taken by my friend and now Advancement Officer, Ken Bissell.

Photo note:  I gave the photo credit to the wrong person.  My friend and fellow 365 blogger, Mike James, was the photographer for this photo.  Please forgive the error.

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