Day 20 listening to trees


I often see photos when I am driving and can't stop and get them. Today I took a second and stopped and got the flooded timber shot. This is right off of Benton street in Searcy as I was headed to the jail. The sun was almost gone before I found a place I could jump across the drainage ditch and walk out into the field of trees. A big beautiful deer watched me the entire time from about 100 yards away standing in the utility right of way.

This second image of the Pine trees was shot in my backyard. This was my early image of the day.

One of my favorite photography books is Listen to the Trees by John Sexton. John Sexton was the last darkroom assistant of Ansel Adams so you can imagine what his photos look like. Sexton also has some impressive portfolios of the Space Shuttle and Hoover Dam both shot on 4X5 B&W.
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