Day 19 Rats


Spent the day at a HS Quiz Bowl competition. Jackson is on the Academy 7th grade team. They played well today and I am amazed at the things that he knows. I really don't think he forgets anything. In one of the classrooms we had this black and white rat in a cage. I use the term rat generically as it could be one of several rat like creatures. I shot a few photos as I listened to the questions being read and answered.

I constantly try to get my students to shoot a variety of photos for a situation.. Dewitt Jones " you have to find the next right answer."
I like that idea. So I shot a birds eye view which is my favorite and then a couple of other shots that I felt lime were right answers. I shot a few that were wrong answers too and I am not showing those. That is the art of editing and that is for another post.

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