Christmas Lights

I love Christmas lights. I have always loved them. My dad always ran a line of Christmas lights along the roofline of our house growing up. I used to leave my blinds tilted so I could lay in bed and look out my window and see those blinds.

I always loved the lights on Christmas trees. Growing up we always had colored lights on the tree. Julie's family were white light people. We became white light people and I really do prefer the white lights on our Christmas tree. When we moved to this house we started putting lights in the tree in the front yard. We use the C9 LED multicolor Christmas lights. The shot above was from Christmas night.

This year we added some net lights on the bushes in the front yard. Not crazy about them because they are a different color than the tree lights.

These photos were taken at the in-laws house. I liked these cute little Christmas trees that lined the backdown flower bed.

These are the Christmas lights that HU puts up every year. They have a cool color balance which worked perfect with the cool blue sky.

I took this and applied a cyanotype filter to get the cool color balance for the LED lights on campus. All photos were shot with my iPhone.

I hope you enjoy. I am starting a Photo a Day project with several of my friends and I plan on sharing those photos here. As my friend Noah Darnell says- "Stay tuned."
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