Fuji X100

I saw this camera for the first time this summer. As soon as I held it I liked it. Obviously, I had read about it when it was announced and liked the price much better than digital Leicas.

But alas I had no need for such a camera. Well my trusty Canon G11 developed a scratch on the lens that causes terrible flair. I started trying to justify this little Jewell of a camera.

I got it Thursday on a two week rental from Borrowlens.com. I have shot with it for two days and I used it extensively today at the Bison football game as my sideline candid camera. I like what I am seeing so far. It shoots really well once I got the quick start feature turned on. It shoots amazingly well at ISO 3200. I love the optical viewfinder, not so crazy about the electronic viewfinder. I've been surprised today that a few times 35mm was just a little too tight. Sadly I don't have the cable to download the camera to my iPad tonight so no sample images. Oh and did I mention that it has a macro mode like a P&S. This sweet little camera has made an excellent first impression. I might have found a new best friend.
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