Stainless Steel Sharpies

This past weekend I was in Staples and I saw these Stainless Steel Sharpies.  Refillable Sharpies.  I immediately thought of Jennings Osborne.

 Let me explain- in December we would go to Disney World with Jennings and Mitzi and their extended family.  We were part of that extended family and we have so many wonderful memories from those times.  While we were all spending the days in the Disney Parks, Jennings was in his room signing family photos with a Sharpie.  There was a link on his web page for an autographed 8x10.  If you clicked the link a form would pop up and you could enter your name and address and Jennings would send you a free 8x10. JO ordered 8X10s like most people order 4x6s.  He would spend his days reading the newspapers and watching the news and signing hundreds of 8X10s.

 I don't know if Jennings ever used these Stainless Steel Sharpies or not, heck he might of found Gold Sharpies for all I know.  I got one just for the memory it gave me.  Jennings would of probably got a case of them and a couple of cases of refills so he could have them everywhere.  I have so many other Jennings memories and now I have a Stainless Steel Sharpie to help me remember them.
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