This is what AWESOME looks like

I am not usually one to notice sayings on t-shirts. Only a couple come to mind, Jalen has a t-shirt that says "I do all my own stunts" and Brian Phillips has one that says "2nd Place is the 1st Loser." Those are significant for those two people, Jalen was and is a rough and tumble type of kid, Brian was the track and cross country coach at HU and his teams were superior.

That brings me to my friend that is wearing this t-shirt. He is not a lot of the things that the world would look for to categorize as awesome, but in my book he is awesome. More importantly in God's book he is awesome just like we all are. It says in Psalms that God "Knit
us together in our mothers womb." We are all just like God wanted us to be which happens to be made in his image.

I think I may start looking for a t-shirt like the one above because I believe it would be appropriate for any of us to wear.

I almost forgot my favorite t-shirt- it says " I Love My Wife" and that is the truth as well.
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