Monkey Bread

My youngest brother Kelly sent me this photo on Thanksgiving morning. This is my Mom and Kelly. Monkey Bread was something that they did together. Kelly sent me the recipe and he told me this photo is the bookmark that he uses in that cookbook to mark the recipe.

As I think about things I am thankful for, my parents and my brothers are way up on the list. I am forever grateful for my own beautiful wife and kids.

I still miss my Mom and I do wish she could know my kids. She would love all of them like she loved Jenna.

I am most thankful for is my salvation that comes through Jesus. I know that one day we will all be together again in our heavenly home for eternity.

I am thankful for pictures and the wonderful memories they bring back. I am thankful that photography is the field that I get to earn a living in.

Thanks Kelly, for these two photos and a flood of memories. .
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