Base/Softball is Fun

Last night was a beautiful night for baseball and softball. I took a few photos of Josie's game, that is her playing 1st base.
Josie on the rare occasion that she actually missed the ball on the first pitch. Here she is starting to swing on the second pitch which she whacks over to the second base-girl for a single.
Photo techniques work with my little camera just like with the big ones. Panning is always a good thing to try with base runners.
The boys watching Josie's team lose a tough game in the bottom of the last inning.
Finally, a little fun with my friend Zac Muncy. Zac and I are constantly harassing each other on FB. We call each other brother because people actually get us confused. How in the world a handsome dude like me could be confused with an ugly mug like Zac Muncy is beyond my ability to understand. So, I noticed this sign and decided that a little Photoshop magic and I could have a little fun at my friends expense.
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