Cameras are Cameras

I shot this photo with a camera that was made in 2002. That thing is 9 years old and it is still awesome. The camera is the Nikon Coolpix 5700. It was the first Nikon P&S camera to shoot Raw files. This is just a straight up medium compression jpeg. Now my current P&S is a Canon G11 and it will shoot circles around the old Nikon but today it is stormy and rainy and I don't care if the Nikon gets a little wet. The Nikon might spend the day rolling around on the floorboard of my car and I don't mind that either. Dave Ramsey is always talking about driving a beater car, I think of this old Nikon as my beater camera. The whole point is taking photos that make you happy and this photo makes me happy. On my lunch break today, I shot a Harding Magazine photo assignment for the summer issue with my old beater Nikon and I bet you want know which one it is.
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