Diaster Drills and a Fireman Dad

Today, we had a disaster drill at school. The disaster today was an earthquake in the library. Being the University Photographer, one of my perks is getting the inside view and I followed the firemen in as they entered the building to look for survivors. The smoke machines had been used to simulate smoke and dust and it really made the flashlight beams look cool. Another reason I followed the firemen was that growing up my dad was a fireman. How much cooler can you get than having a dad that is a fireman. I wondered as I watched those guys today looking for survivors and the other not so lucky people what kind of stories he could tell. Its one kind of bravery to fight a fire but rescuing people who are hurting and scared must take a strength that is hard for me to imagine. I proud of my dad and the work he did as a fireman. I am also thankful that today was just a drill.
Photo Note: It is totally awesome to be able to jack you ISO to 102,000 when you need to take photos in the dark. The photos are grainy but I got photos and that was the job today.
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