Pine Trees and Pear Trees

It always amazes me how using a different camera changes your perceptions of things. These pine trees are in my backyard and I have never noticed those two pieces of bark being gone before. Today, I walked outside with my Hasselblad Xpan loaded with B&W film and I see these two spots on the tree by my driveway.

You might be thinking maybe someone knocked them off yesterday and that is why I hadn't noticed before. Well that might be true but the camera has something to do with this. I walked across the street and took the rest of my roll of film up shooting the beautiful blooming Bradford Pear trees. I went to the office and grabbed my Nikon bag full of lenses and came back to the same trees and for the most part, I like the handful of photos from the film better than the couple of hundred photos of the same trees I took with the Nikon.

On the other hand, I did shoot the Nikon in color and there is something to be said for shooting in color.

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