Differing Points of View

Basketball is a spirited game and in any competitions there are always going to be events that are disputed. That is why we have referees.

I spent one Saturday morning of my 11th grade year of HS as a basketball referee. I had played basketball for several years and knew the rules of the game. I was scheduled to call 5 games of 3rd Grade basketball for which I got paid $20. That was one miserable morning. I had been prepared on the rules of the game. I was seriously lacking on fan confrontation and spirited disputes. That was my first and last official refereeing job unless you count being a parent and that is not what we are talking about now.

I learned that I'm a much better photographer than referee. Photographing still keeps me in the heat of the action, just in a more mild mannered way. Often the camera catches things that the referees miss. Now before you get outraged, a foul was called on the photo below. But I seriously disagreed that the Christian Brothers player is the one being fouled. No matter what I think about that call, I respect referees and the job they do.

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