Quiz Bowl

Watched Jackson and his team win their quiz bowl match this morning. In this photo he is answering the following question.
"If you are in the panhandle of Oklahoma and you
travel west what state will you

The other team buzzed in first and guessed Colorado. Jackson smiled sat up a little taller in his seat and buzzed in and correctly answered New Mexico. The next round was the pass back round where they got to pick from a list of subject. Jacksons team picked US States and Capitols and his coaches promoted him to the team captain for that round. The other team picked Greek Mythology. They only got a few questions right and Jacksons team couldn't answer any of the mythology questions either. All of the State and Capitol questions were answered correctly and that round put the other team out of the match.

I love watching my kids excel in different activities and I am so thankful that Harding Academy provides so many things for my children to participate in.
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