Lake Barnett

Saturday the kids and I stopped and got some minnows and crickets on the way Lake Barnett. We went to the Reed Access which has a gravel outcropping by the boat ramp that is a great place to fish with the kids. We caught small brim and Josie caught a catfish. Actually Josie caught 12 fish and the catfish was by far the biggest fish of the day. Jackson caught 1 fish, I caught 3 fish and Jalen caught 4 fish. I took all these photos with my iPhone and processed them to be b&w with The Best Camera App.

We had a great time and I predict that it will not be too long before the next fishing adventure.

I remember many fishing trips growing up. We would often go to Reelfoot Lake and sometimes to Land Between the Lakes in KY. Those were always boy trips that involved camping and my Mom was not going to have any part of camping. We always packed all of the camping supplies in te back of the truck and Dad would let a couple of us ride in the back on top of the tent and sleeping bags. Probably the most memorable trip was one to Land Between the Lakes when it came a terrible storm. The wind was howling and it was pouring rain and thundering really loudly with lightning flashing all over the sky. Dad said later that he could clearly hear what sounded like train coming through the woods. He said he could only imagine that tornado picking our tent up and tossing us into the lake. That thought scares me to death now but all I remember is Alan,Kelly and I laughing and cracking each other up. The next morning we caught brim fishing off the bank until we ran out of crickets.

That's pretty much how it went Saturday. We caught fish until we ran out of crickets.

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