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Jamie,Josie,Jackson,Jalen and I built a snowman today. The snow yesterday was too powdery. The snow that fell last night was very wet and perfect for a snowman. Later this afternoon Josie built her own snowman beside the family snowman. We had fun and memories were made. I hope someday they will build snowmen with their kids and think back to the fun we had today.

I don't really remember building a snowman as a kid but I remember the snowy morning my Dad came home with a brand new sled. We lived at the bottom of a huge hill and man did we give that sled a workout. I remember getting our go-kart out in the snow and having a big time with it as well.

Maybe my most fond snow memory comes from being with my Grandad. Every year he would set out a number of rabbit boxes in the winter. When it was cold the rabbits would go in the box for warmth and the trap door woulld close and we would find them the next morning and then we would have rabbit to eat. I guess it was the lazy mans way of rabbit hunting. One morning it had snowed a good bit and Grandaddy wouldn't go check the boxes with me. I bundled up grabbed my bb gun and headed out. We didn't get any rabbits. Checking the boxes was just not as fun by myself so I tripped one of the boxes and went home and convinced my Grandad we had a rabbit. I think he suspected I was not telling the truth but he got up and bundled up and went out with me. We hiked over to the box and and as he knelt down and saw that it was empty he grabbed a snowball and pelted me with it. We had a snowball fight all the way back to the house. The next morning he decided that he better just go with me to check the rabbit boxes. I never really remember catching too many rabbits but I always had fun checking those boxes with my Grandad.
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