I used to be in the Band and I almost was again

When I was in HS I was in the band. I played baritone which is the best low brass instrument. Baritones look like baby tubas and they have the rich sound of a french horn and the range of a trombone. Like I said the best low brass instrument. And while we are on the topic of HS Band, I just became Facebook friends with my HS band director, Barry Lumpkin. I worked for him as a student aid for three years. Yes I was a Band Aid so let the jokes begin.

As you can see from the photo above I was photographing the Harding Bison Thundering Herd band this past weekend and my friend Mark Fonville got this photo of me working. Now that you have seen me working let me show you what I was seeing. Keep in mind the famous Robert Capa quote,"if your photos are not good enough you are not close enough."

Nikon 12-24mm F 4 1/15th

I hope you liked the photo I did. After all that Robert Capa quoting, the truth be told I had no idea they were about to come up to the sideline like that. I had been photographing the field commander and I turned around and here they came.

Nikon 12-24 F16 1/2 sec
I have been teaching my college photography class about different tools they can use like slow shutter speeds that convey motion. I like the ghosting of the hands caused by the 1/2 second long exposure. Also notice in the last photo is my student worker Noah Darnell. Check out his blog when you get a chance.

Don't forget Jeff Fest starts tomorrow.
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