Summer Film Project

I started using Shutterfly this spring to sell images online. One of the cool features is the ability to set up share sites to share photos with people. I used this feature to share photos from this years baseball/softball season with the other families on our teams. Tonight, I set up a share site for my summer film shooting project. I hope you might click on the title line of this post and visit that share sight. You can see all the photos and I am writing journal entries about the things I am learning. I only throw away bad exposures and the completely unusable shots. I am not leaving this site for that one but I am not going to post every photo on this blog. I do find myself seeing light and using film makes me think about each frame since I am paying for each frames development. I have posted the links to the online photographer site that inspired me to do this project. I have blogged about those here but if you haven't read them I hope you will read them. I left a guest book on the share site and i would really love to hear your thoughts about my photos. I would also love to hear about things you do to increase creativity.

I got more film in the bag and this weekend I am shooting a 50th anniversary party for my in-laws church and of course the annual Ainsworth 4th of July family reunion.
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