B&W Film

Well I really am taking photos on film with my 35mm RF camera and so far I have two rolls back and a few photos to share. This photo is of the Black House in Searcy. I was there to see the photo exhibit that had photos from my friends Wally Jarrett, Craig Rainbolt and John Keller. I got there about 1:30 on Friday and they didn't open until 2p.m. so I luckily had my camera and I got this photo. Stupid me would have more photos of the Black House if I had completely rewound the film before opening the camera back. Just a little out of practice with winding and unwinding film.

These photos are from the local Catfish house. The kids love to feed the fish in the little pond at Huckleberries.Josie enjoys Cotton Candy at the VBS Carnival. Of course if you are Josie and you try to say VBS too fast it comes out BBS.
Jalen getting a Black Widow spider painted on his face.
Josie getting a spider as well from our friend Julie Turner.
The dunking booth is a big hit. This is our great Sheriff Ricky Shourd being a good sport and taking his turn in the booth.

I am in Jamestown, NY this week at the UPAA Symposium. We had a great day of lectures today and later this week we will see Joe McNally. I am very excited about seeing him as I have read The Moment it Clicks and I was reading The Hot Shoe Diaries before I left it on my plane in Detroit on the way to NY.

Gotta get in bed we have a shoot at 5:45 this morning.
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