I needed to shoot for me

Sometimes you work so much you have to just do something for yourself. For me that is taking pictures. I really truly miss film and darkroom work. This afternoon I needed to shoot something fun so I grabbed my D200 with the 35mm F2 and set the camera on B&W and went out to the backyard. I was in the mood to shoot some Fine Art type images because I have been listening to Brooks Jensen's Podcasts on my iPhone and he is a Fine Art Photographer and the editor of Lens Work Magazine. So my feeling was B&W and I was shooting the lens very close to wide open around F2.2 -2.8 and I turned the ISO up to 1600 because it was really dark and I didn't mind the grain look of the digital noise. The 35mm F2 is a great lens on the D200. It acts like a normal lens and it focuses to 10 inches which is about how far I was from this Pine Cone.I tried several variations of foreground in focus and repeating backgrounds out of focus.

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