Old Camera - New Technique

This old Ansco 620 camera belonged to my Mom when she was a kid. I found it many years ago at my grandparents house. The camera has a red label maker tape on the back that has my Mom's name-Ann Cox. I remember getting film for this camera only once. I remember buying two rolls of 620 film at Sears. Now days I have to feed it 120. I have a roll in right now and maybe I will get them developed sometime in January.

The only other film I remember shooting in the camera were those two rolls from sears and I shot them at an air show in Millington, TN at the Naval Air Station there. I shot both rolls and I think you only get 8 frames out of a roll of film. I don't remember any of the photos being that good. I do remember something from the air show. During the show a C5A Galaxy landed and parked parallel to the reviewing stands where we were sitting. The tail of the plane opened up for unloading and then the announcer started telling us that the front of the plane could flip up and unload from the front and the back. After the front flipped up a Memphis City bus pulled out of the rear of the plane and I was blown away that a plane could carry that huge city bus. Then another bus drove out the front of the plane. I was totally blown away that it could carry two city buses.

As for the new technique. I was reading my Photo Idea Index book and in the first chapter it talks some about using a flashlight as a light source. Painting with light has been around for a long time but I have never really done to much of it. I thought I would try it with this camera and after about 15 tries I got the photo above. Nothing spectacular but something to try out anyways. I am speculating that this will be a great technique for shooting the Christmas tree. The lights and the tree always look gook but the ornaments always are way darker than the rest of the tree and if you use the flash you kill the mood of the lights on the tree. Definitely something to do in my free time like I have any of that. I shot this camera with my Canon Powershot S5 ISO 80 manual exposure mode 10 seconds @ F 8. The flashlight was a L.E.D. light and the color balance was very cool with a daylight color balance so I put a full CTO filter on it to make the color more normal.
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