Negative Retouching

I was scanning this negative yesterday and as I started to clean the negative I noticed those markings were not random. This negative had been retouched. How weird, I have retouched a million digital files and a bunch of prints but I never knew how or had any reason to retouch a negative. This is a negative that was taken for the yearbook in 1986. I was in 10th grade back then. I now have a daughter that is in 9th grade. I am getting old. Back to the topic, negative retouching is a lost art these days with computers. I still can't imagine having to retouch negatives and how tedious that must have been and what did the retouching accomplish? It scanned perfectly and it was confirmation that out of the one proof and four negatives I had picked the correct negative. It is sad to think that looking at negatives might be a lost art one day.
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