Grandaddy Long-leg

I got this Granddaddy Long-Legs photo at my in-laws house in Mississippi. The boys and I were shooting bb guns at paper plates and I was sitting on a stump being the adult supervisor and marksmanship coach. As I was supervising, Josie announced that I might want to leave my perch due to the fact that a huge spider was crawling up the back of the stump. I agreed and I found the would be spider to be this Granddaddy Long-Leg.

Photo Note- I always shoot holiday photos with a different camera. This Thanksgiving Break I chose one of my old film cameras the ruggedly awesome Nikon F100. I shoot only B&W film and this week I had three rolls of C-41 process Kodak B&W film. I used only a Nikon 50mm F1.8 lens and a Tamron 28-200. I love both of those lenses. The 50mm is so much fun to shoot with and the fast aperture really allows you to control depth of field. In good light, the Tamron 28-200 is a great lens as well. 28mm is wide enough and 200 is reasonably long enough for most general shooting and as you can see from this photo the 28-200 focuses fairly close as well. Speaking of film, I love the latitude you get with negative film. Some days I miss shooting film.
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