Shooting bb guns

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Today was a beautiful Thanksgiving day. After lunch we went outside and Jackson got to shoot his bb gun. He has a Daisy Buck bb gun. My first bb gun was also a Daisy Buck. I lived with that thing when I was a kid Jacksons age. The house I grew up in had a big wooded field right behind our back yard and I would shoot right in my back yard. I loved to fill up gallon milk jugs with water and shoot holes in them and make the water leak out. I learned not to shoot them at the bottom or they would never stop draining. I would also shoot tin cans, birds, frogs, and on ocassion bugs.

I remember being in field of tall grass walking up Quail and I was never fast enough to shoot at them with my bb gun because they would scare me too bad when they would fly up out out the grass and like I was really going to kill one with my bb gun anyway. There were big green grass hoppers jumping everywhere. I did shoot a few of them . My grandparents he a gulley that they threw trash into that would not burn. I would sit on a tree stump at the top of the gulley and shoot glass bottles and tin cans. I really liked shattering the glass bottles. I could hit anything with that Daisy bb gun.

I need to send that old gun off to get the spring replaced. This photo is of Jackson shooting at gumballs up in the tree in the back yard of Grandmother and Grandaddys house. I could hit them so we know the gun is shooting straight. Jackson shot up a paper plate from about 25 feet and more importantly we both had fun.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Note: posted from my iPhone and I am still not the best at touch typing. I guess what I am saying is sorry for all the typing errors.
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