Yesterday I went to Camp Tahkodah to do the annual photo shoot. I had fun but there was nothing exciting. The kids had been there for 11 days and they were all tired and starting to be ready to go home. Well I went up to the horse barn to photograph horse riding and while I was waiting for the riders to come back by my spot I spied these blackberries. Growing up we always made blackberry cobbler and blackberry jam. I remember picking blackberries with my grandmother on their farm over by the small pond. You always got chiggers when you went blackberry picking. I remember I always carried my bb pistol because you never knew when you would need to run off a snake. Grandmother would make cobbler and when it was still hot we would put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and let that cool the cobbler to an edible temperature. I loved that half melted ice cream mixed in with the blackberries. I have been tempted to try a Blackberry Sprite since I saw it on the menu at Sonic, my regular drink is Strawberry Limeade.
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