Benazir Bhutto Remembered

Note: A Harding student e-mailed me a few days ago asking about when Benazir Bhutto was here on the HU campus. this is my reply to that e-mail.

I do vividly remember photographing Benazir Bhutto although, the attached photo was not one I took. That photo came in her press packet. Ms. Bhutto was the first major American Studies speaker I photographed at Harding. I had only worked here for about a year and a half and I was still learning how to do my job. I remember her best from a reception with students where the students were huddled around her asking questions in a lively give and take. I kept working my way around that circle trying to capture a telling image. I remember finding a clear view and as I focused I saw those penetrating brown eyes looking right at my lens and I was not sure if the message was stop taking my picture or something else. The reception was over not long after that and that was that another night of work done. I was shocked when I saw the news that she had been assassinated. I was on Christmas break at Disney World when she was killed. I instantly remembered that photo of her and the students. I guess I need to dig those photos out and look at them again.
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