I love to shoot. One of the reasons I love Thanksgiving and 4th of July is that we go to Julie's Aunts House out in the country in MS and we can shoot. Yesterday I got to go shooting with a retired Harding Biology Prof- Dr. Bill Rushton. We went to one of his friends cabins up just north of Camp Tahkodah near Floral, AR. We started shooting 22 rifles. Dr Rushton was using his German bolt action 22 that came with a barrel cap and a bayonet rail. You never know when you might need to add a bayonet to your 22. Dr Rushton started by shooting a hole in a leaf and he asked me if I could shoot that same leaf. I loaded my Ithica Lever action single shot 22 and I shot the leaf off the tree. He thought I got lucky. I did it again several times. We had a lot of fun shooting leaves and tree branches. Next Dr Rushton said I needed to be familiar with one of his favorite shooting irons- the Colt 1911 45 cal. I had never shot a colt 45 before and I was surprised that it didn't kick as hard as I had thought it would. We set up a big Sycamore Leaf for me to shoot at at 10 paces. I shot the leaf 4 times. I jerked the 3rd shot and it went high but the other three were in the same hole. Dr Rushton was watching the cases eject so he could retrieve them and reload them. He looked at my leaf and said son you only hit that thing two times. I went and retrieved the leaf and showed him my first shot with three bullet holes through it and I made a believer out of him in my marksmanship abilities. We had a great time and I look forward to shooting with him again. I am looking forward to shooting with my Dad and brothers on Friday after Thanksgiving.
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