1. I have never been on a date with anyone but my wife.
2. I have never gone to a school that didn't have Harding in the name.
3. I am the father of 5 kids.
4. In high school my band number was 71.
5. I like driving a Minivan.
6. I have a bachelors degree in psychology.
7. I am the Chaplain at the County Jail.
8. I have a brand new Santa Suit.
9. I have two brothers: Alan and Kelly
10. I know how to fix Air Conditioners
11. I like to eat frog legs.
12. I have been a fan of the Oak Ridge Boys for my entire life.
13. In the 70's I was a Steelers Fan.
14. I love using nice Ink Pens.
15. I babysat as a kid partly because my dentist drove a Porche.
16. I love shooting guns but not hunting.
17. My Dentist taught me to flyfish.
18. One of my most memorable birthday presents was a Red Sears 10 speed bike.
19. I celebrate my birthday for two weeks. I call it Jeff Fest.
20. My coolest photo job is being the photographer for Jennings Osborne.
21. I have photographed 4 US Presidents- Carter, Bush(41), Clinton and Bush(43).
22. I love shooting my 4 pellet pistols.
23. I only watch David Letterman.
24. I have a teenager.
25. I once prayed that I could make a living with my camera.
26. I love children espically babies.
27. I have placed the Wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington DC.
28. I have been aboard Air Force One.
29. In 6th grade I was the tallest kid on my basketball team.
30. I played catcher in Little League.
31. In my baseball career I am completely defeated, we never won a game.
32. I loved walking with my Grandad on really cold mornings.
33. I miss Darkroom work.
34. I was President of my High School Chorus.
35. I never lost a Marching Contest in High School Band.
36. My favorite Super Hero as a kid was Aqua Man.
37. As a kid I would shoot my granddads cows with a BB gun if they started walking toward me.
38. My mom made me take typing in summer school and I am thankful now.
39. I am sad my mom didn't know all of my kids. She would love the boys.
40. I have only had one speeding ticket in my life.
41. I have always thought driving a bus would be a cool job.
42. I remember seeing the Liberty Bell on the Liberty Train when I was in Kindergarten in 1976.
43. I wish I could paint.
44. My first camera was a surprise birthday gift from my parents. Ansco 110.
45. My First slr was a Pentax K1000
46. My worst Dentist experience was getting my braces off.
47. I have never smoked but Cigars look interesting.
48. I have always used Apple Computers.
49. I have used Photoshop since version 5.
50. I sang 2nd tenor and longed to be a 2nd bass.
51. My dad was a Fireman and I loved helping him get his uniform ready the night before work.
52. As a kid we had a Go Kart.
53. I always had a speedometer on my bike.
54. I like to tie flies for trout fishing.
55. I knew Dr Benson.
56. I still have my first Professional Film Camera- Canon T-90.
57. My TNT pledge name is Jeff Thiaminmononitrate II Montgomery.
58. I am a Nikon Man.
59. I love the Boston Pops.
60. I really love Gospel Music.
61. Oak Ridge Boys Gospel Music is the BEST.
62. I hate grammar.
63. I am a very poor speller.
64. I grew up watching The Bionic Man, Emergency, CHiPs, Magnum PI.
65. I love reading Submarine novels.
66. If I could trade jobs with someone at school I would trade with the Bus Driver. I have always thought driving tour buses would be cool.
67. I have a Bison Collection.
68. I wish I was a better video editor.
69. I wish I had more Bible Verses memorized.
70. Julie and I teach 4yr olds on Sunday mornings at Church.
71. I remember my Dad reading me the Crucifixion Story when I was a pre-schooler.
72. I am most like my Dad in looking for the good in people.
73. I am most like my Mom in not putting up with non-sense.
74. I am a procrastinator.
75. I love grits for breakfast.
76. I started reading Popular Photography in 7th grade.
77. I miss my old Diesel Pichup Truck.
78. I still miss my Grandad.
79. I wish I was a better song leader.
80. I prefer Dark Chocolate
81. I married way above myself.
82. I like using Square Format Cameras.
83. My computer just died because I have been ignoring the battery warning.
84. I never get nervous shooting weddings.
85. I get nervous shooting celebrities for Jennings Osborne.
86. I like seafood nachos.
87. Someday I want a b&w darkroom in my house.
88. Being a University Photographer is the best possible Photography job.
89. I wish I had served in the military. I would have gone Navy.
90. I have knack for telling people things that they don't want to hear.
91. I like to play handball.
92. I really hate snakes.
93. I have good inlaws.
94. Elliott Erwitt and Eugene Smith are my favorite photographers.
95. I love teaching Continuing Education Photography Classes.
96. I am sad I never played football in High School.
97. I thinking sacking the QB would be the ultimate football assignment.
98. This list of 100 things is hard.
99. Photographing my kids is my favorite photo assignment.
100. I love my life.
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