Watercolor painting

I have always admired artist and especially painters.  My efforts to become a painter started this fall with an art show in the Harding University Stevens Art Gallery.  The art department did a show from their summer International Programs travels around Europe.  The works hung on the walls were good but I was captivated by their travel journals. One of the girls ( I can't remember her name) had a watercolor journal that was absolutely stunningly beautiful. I went to the gallery several times just to flip through her journal.  I was inspired by that travel journal to try water colors myself. I started watching YouTube videos of simple paintings all the time. 

I got a Windsor- Newton watercolor kit and a 12x18 Canson watercolor pad  for my birthday.  I cut the paper into 6x9 and 4.5x6 size pieces and started copying those YouTube artist.  I am having so much fun.   I have tried painting some of my own photos with limited success. I found the Waterlogue app that turns my photos into watercolor looking paintings. Seeing my photos as a painting is super helpful as I am learning to see as a painter. I always thought I could see things pretty well as a photographer, but seeing as a painter is seeing on a different level. 
Photo of my front yard taken with my iPhone 6s Plus.

My photo after putting it in the Waterlogue App. 

My painting.

I still have a long way to go in learning to be a painter.  I am having fun and that was the goal.

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