Jackson and Jenna

I walked in to the house last night and this is the scene I saw.  Jackson and Jenna sitting on the couch.  Why did I see this?  Because I was reading  The Visual Science Lab by Kirk Tuck and I read this post about resetting your vision.
I love shooting b&w and I love using one camera and one lens.  The post about resetting your vision reminded me of a David Vestal article in Photo Techniques magazine where he talked about shooting b&w jpegs with an older model d-slr and how it gave him good results and he didn't see the need to upgrade to anything else because he was happy with his b&w jpeg files.  I guess this speaks to me so strongly because it takes me back to my b&w film days and I often carried around a small Olympus Stylus Epic camera loaded with b&w film and it was my grab camera when I ran across these types of images like the one above.  I still have that camera though I seldom use it because getting film developed in Searcy Arkansas is next to impossible.  No worries I absolutely can shoot b&w jpegs like Kirk Tuck and David Vestal and be absolutely happy with my photos and that is the bottom line anyway.  I long ago came to the realization that I shoot these things on my blog for me.  If others enjoy them and I hope they do that will be icing on the cake because I shot them for my enjoyment.
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