High Key Dogwood

This week in photography class we have had my friend, , Faisal Almalki as the guest speaker . He is an internationally known photographer from Saudi Arabia. 

Yesterday, he led our class photo shoot with several different mini theme assignments. My favorite one was the free assignment- " take a picture of something you love."  

I love spring and the blooming that is happening all over campus. I found these brand new dogwood blooms silhouetted against the bright  overcast sky. I struggled with the exposure wanting to see the beautiful detail of the blooms without completely blowing out the sky. The answer came via the little  pop-up flash on my Nikon D750. Every halfway educated photographer knows that that small little flash gives off a horrendously harsh unflattering front light. But that little flash with some calculated exposure compensation was the perfect fill light source and it let me capture my vision of those dogwood blooms. 

I love being a photographer and I love getting to teach photography.  More importantly, I love God and I give him the glory for his beautiful creation and I thank him for giving me the ability to see and take the photos that I share on this blog. 
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