Grand Canyon and Edward S. Curtis

I spent my spring break in Tuba City, Arizona working on a story for Harding Magazine. Our group spent one afternoon at the Grand Canyon. 
Tuba City is at the border of the Navajo and Hopi Reservations. 
The editing that I did on these photos was inspired by the work of Edward S. Curtis.  Curtis is known as the great photographer of Native Americans.  He originally shot is photos on glass plates. The rich yellowish brown color of his photos was obtained by using banana oil. I really love the look of the Curtis images and I love the old fashion look of glass plates.  

Photo notes-  Images were shot with a Nikon D750. Editing was done on an iPad using the Snapseed app. 

" To the oft-asked question, “What camera or lens do you use?” I can only reply “I couldn’t tell to save my soul—it is enough for me to know that I have something that will make pictures and that it is in working order.” -Edward S. Curtis

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