Getting Tossed by Jackson

 As a photographer, there is no greater joy than photographing  my kids playing sports.  I actually have been surprised how proud I am of my kids and how they represent their school.  Having never
been a great athlete myself (I was in the band)  I wonder if my parents ever felt that pride.  The height of my athletic career happened in 4th grade when I scored 6 points in a elementary basketball game.  We lost 28-6  but I did score all of the points for my team that game.

 These pictures are important to me because it is Jackson's way of telling me he loves me.  They won the game went through the good game line and were headed out to right field to have a team meeting. I was shooting him as he passed by and he caught me and tossed me from the stadium.  I love being tossed by Jackson.  I got him back last week when the chorus sang at College Church.  I took photos from all over the auditorium and I ended up on the second row so I could get a few close ups of individual kids.  Jackson was standing in the perfect spot so I really only could see his eyes over the shoulder of the kid in front of him and I could tell he was smiling because he was in a spot I couldn't shoot him.  So, I decided to toss Jackson out of the auditorium.  I made the same hand gestures to him that he made to me only I had to be more discrete.  The best part was all of Jackson's friends seeing me toss him and he could do nothing about it.  I will always treasure these pictures of being tossed by Jackson.

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