Blogging Again

Well it is 2016 and I am going to try blogging again. I moved my blog to Tumbler in 2014 because Instagram would publish directly to Tumbler and I was going ages between posts. I still will let Instagram post to Tumbler but I have missed the richer experience of blogging my thoughts so here we go again and let's see how it goes this year. 
This photo was taken yesterday as I drove to Memphis for Montgomery Christmas
I always see more things to photograph driving across hwy 64  from Bald Knob to Marion than I ever have time to stop and shoot. 
Josie got pressed into service as Uncle Kelly's helper grilling the steaks. 
The steaks were goo too. 
The Taylor made Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes were amazing.  

Papaw was pretty excited about his new umbrella.
Lots of card games for the girls. 
Jalen was the ping pong champ of the day although I did beat him twice he beat me three times. 

We we're not all together yesterday, but the ones of us that were had a good time. 
Jenna, Josie and Jalen went straight back to Searcy but Jackson was going back to Grandmother and Grandaddy's house to help them put up all the Christmas decorations.  Jackson wanted to drive by the house I grew up because he had been looking at it on Google maps. We drove out to Raleigh and I told him all kinds of stories from my childhood. We drove all around Kennedy park where we would play ball and ride our bikes as kids. The 7/11 where we would go on Friday afternoon and by baseball cards and Slurpees. I also showed him the house down the street that had the kid with the drum set that drove my mom crazy. That was important because my favorite Christmas song this year was Ray Stevens The Little Drummer Boy Next Door. I don't know how long that song has been out but I haven't heard it until this year. We then drove the route I drove to Harding Academy in Memphis. I told him about the rainy morning that I slid into a car at Perkins and  Walnut Grove  and before the police got there the traffic helicopter flew over us and reported the fender bender on the radio for everyone in the city to hear. Jackson thought that was hilarious. We drove around Harding Academy and I told him lots of stories from high school.  It was really enjoyable to spend that time with Jackson and to remember all of those stories. 

I dropped Jackson at the grandparents and drove back to Searcy listening to The Candid Frame which is my favorite podcast. I listened to interviews with William Neill , Pete Turner and Joel Meyerowitz.  I got stopped by the State Police at a sobriety checkpoint just outside of Bald Knob. I was wearing my seatbelt and I convinced the trooper that my Coke Zero was only Coke Zero. Watched the Ball drop at midnight and called it a day.  If you are still reading....Happy New Year!

[Photo Notes-  I have used a Fuji X-100s camera with an Eye-Fi card over the Christmas break and all photos were processed with Snapseed on an iPad. ]

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