151/365 Harding Presidential History

In a brief afternoon ceremony Dr. Burks handed over the keys to the office to Dr. McLarty.  We move from the 4th President in Dr. Burks and the only President I have ever know at Harding to Dr. Mclarty. I am looking forward to working with Dr. McLarty and learning how he likes things and hearing his speeches and watching him lead Harding into the future.
Dr. McLarty, Dr Ganus and Dr. Burks pose for a quick photo in the president's office.  It was fun to hear Dr. Ganus telling the story about Dr. Burks coming in one day several weeks before he became president and he confessed to Dr. Ganus that he didn't want his office to be in the Administration Building.  Dr. Ganus said he could tell that Dr. Burks was not sure how he would feel about him moving the office to a different building.  Dr. Ganus smiled and said "I was so relieved that I wasn't going to have to move my office."

I am thankful that I have known 4 of the 5 Harding Presidents.  I took Dr. Benson's photo for the Petit Jean my freshman year.  Dr. Ganus has been our Care Group Elder at College Church for years. My first real conversation with Dr. Burks was correcting him from calling me the wrong name,  He kept on calling me Leslie (Downs) who was the University Photographer before me.  I was scared to death and he was kind and said he was sorry and he never called me Leslie again.
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