142/365 Flowers all day long

I like to stop by Mount Holly Cemetery and pay a visit to my old friend Jennings Osborne.  He loved this place because it is beautiful and full of history and many famous Arkansans.
 I hope someday when it is my time to go that I can be buried in a cemetery that is as beautiful as Mount Holly.

 These beautiful red lilies belong to the Doran's .  Mr. Doran graciously let me photograph in his yard.  I have never seen anything like these bright red beauties and the backlighting was perfect.

 I had a film camera with a macro lens with me although it was loaded with B&W film.

Wild blooms along the bike trail by ASU Searcy.

All color photos were taken with a Leica M8.  Not the ideal flower shooting camera but it did fine today.  B&W photos were taken with a Canon EF and a 55mm macro.
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