131/365 Graduation and building name change.

Dr. Burks passes the University Mace to Dr. McLarty this morning at graduation.  June 1st, Dr. McLarty will become Harding's fifth president and Dr. Burks will become the second Chancellor and Dr. Ganus will become Chancellor Emeritus.  On the left is Dr. John Simmons who is Chairman of Harding's Board of Trustees.
 As a University photographer, you work for these moments in the history of your school.  I usually never know when one of those important moments will happen.  Today is different.  Today is the last time Dr. Burks will be the president of Harding at an official event.
 Dr. Burks was the commencement speaker today just as Dr. Ganus was the speaker at his last graduation as President back in the May of 1997.  Dr. Burks spoke to the graduates about-Preparation, Passion, Prayer and Priorities.
I took this photo with my iPhone during the 1pm ceremony as Dr. Burks gave the commencement address.
Passing the Mace

After the graduation at 9am there was a short unveiling  ceremony as the American Heritage Conference becomes the David B. Burks American Heritage Building.  Members of the Board of Trustees hold down the lines to the tarp that covers up the name on the building.

The naming of major campus buildings is a tradition that was continued today.  J. N. Armstrong has a dorm named after him.  Dr. George S. Benson has the Benson Auditorium  and Dr. Clifton L. Ganus has the Ganus Athletic Center which is lovingly refereed to as the GAC. Today, we have the Burks Building.

I've never known Harding University without Dr. Burks as the President.  I look forward to the future with Dr. McLarty as president and continuing as the University Photographer which I consider to be the best job on campus.

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