101/365 Shooting Strobist Style


I ran down to North Little Rock to shoot these three MBA alums for some advertising that the College of Business is looking to do.  We had extreme overcast that was just beginning to break up and did I mention that it was 2 pm.

I put one SB-900 on a stand and I dropped my ISO to 100 and shot F3.5 to blur the background and that gave me a shutter speed of 1/1600th of a second.  I fired the flash wirelessly using a SU-800.  I rarely use the High Speed Sync feature, but this was the ideal situation.  The High Speed Sync feature cuts the flash range to a small fraction of its usual regular range so I ended up dialing in full power at about 6 ft and it worked perfect as a fill light.  I love having a Strobist bag and I love Nikon wireless flash systems.

 Now if they would only incorporate internal radio receivers into their flashes it would be perfect.
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